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Balloon Garlands
Balloon Garlands
 We price per foot of balloon garland. Price varies depending on type of balloon. Below are the 3 main types we offer:

Standard garland $20/foot
Metallic Colors $23/foot
Double Stuffed $27/foot
Popular Add-Ons
Popular Add-Ons

​14" small foil balloon         $10 each
27"+ large foil balloon        $15 each
Pampas Grass Rental         $5/foot
Fringe Accents                    $10 each
Fringe backdrop                  $15/foot
Pops of tinsel                       $20
Tinsel backdrop                   $20
Frame Rentals
Frame Rentals
Circle metal backdrop    $100
Balloon Wall Frame        $100
6' pole frame                    $50                                                           
   Balloon Wall (length by width)     
         8X8                      $600
         9X9                      $700
        10X10                   $800                                                             
* Delivery and installation fee is 20% of the total booking amount for all orders within the Nashville city limits. $75 minimum delivery. Delivery fee for installs outside of city limits will depend upon distance! Inquire to get a quote!
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